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SPY will be selling mission trip stock on April 14 & 15

What is SPY Mission Stock? It is a way for the young people going to Guatemala this summer to raise money for their trip while bringing their experiences and new found knowledge to the people of the parish. We have been asked many times: how will the young people we are supporting let us know what they learned or how they benefitted from the experience? SPY Mission Trip Stock will allow you to hear about all the wonderful experiences of the trip. Just like you would buy shares of stock in a company, you will have the opportunity to buy shares in the SPY Mission Trip. Your investment will be in the youth going on the mission trip.

How will I see a return on my investment? Again, just like if you were buying traditional stock, we will hold a shareholders meeting on a weekend after the trip. You will receive an invitation in the mail inviting you to a “Shareholders Meeting” where the young people will share information, pictures and stories about their trip.

How much will it cost? You are welcome to buy multiple shares or just a single stock. Stock will be $10.00 per share. All share purchases are tax deductible donations.

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